I'm a Web Developer
Arnav Vashishth

Hi, I’m Arnav  Vashishth, a passionate Web developer with a knack for solving problems and building scalable solutions. I’m currently open to opportunities and excited to bring my skills to a dynamic team.

Work Experience

Jr. Web and Cloud Developer
May 2023 - Present

As a Junior Web and Cloud Developer at siberX, I develop responsive web applications using Flask and modern front-end technologies. I manage cloud deployments and collaborate with teams to deliver scalable, high-performance solutions.

Web Developer
Sep 2023 - Present

At Integrative Consulting Group, I served as a Web Developer and collaborated closely with a marketing team to redesign the existing website. Using WordPress, we collectively improved user experience, streamlined navigation, and optimized for mobile responsiveness. Our efforts led to increased user engagement and enhanced site performance.

About Me

Crafting Solutions in Python and Beyond

Hello, I’m Arnav Vashishth, a Computer Science Professional with a strong focus on Python Development. Currently working as a Jr. Web & Cloud Developer at siberX, I bring hands-on experience in multiple programming languages including Python, Java, and JavaScript. I have a knack for Flask, JQuery, and cloud platforms like AWS and Google Cloud Platform. My portfolio includes personal projects like a Blog Backend Website and an Automated YT Channel, both developed in Python. I’m also pursuing a Computer Programming Co-op program at Georgian College, where I’m gaining in-depth knowledge in various tech stacks. I’m a fast learner, a team player, and I adapt quickly to new environments. I’m currently looking for a Co-op role where I can further apply and expand my skills.

My Portfolio


An interactive Flask blog website designed for avid readers and writers. Crafted using Python and Flask, this platform not only allows users to discover and delve into a wide range of articles but also provides a streamlined dashboard for content creators to manage and publish their posts. 

Automated YouTube

A Python script that automates the downloading of Instagram Reels, compiles them into a single video, and uploads the resultant video to YouTube. Utilizing libraries like the Instagram Private API for fetching Reels, Moviepy for video processing, and YouTube Data API v3 for uploading content to YouTube, the script will streamline the content sharing process across platforms.

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